I've never worked with a yoga teacher like Pepper--you never know quite what to expect in her sessions because she operates so much on instinct, focusing on different parts of the body and different levels of intensity based on her read of your energy that given day. And her intuition is always right. What's also so special about Pepper's approach is that she deftly incorporates therapeutic yoga and massage alongside the more invigorating poses. She has a calming voice, a nurturing touch. When I leave her, I have a clear mind and Gumby limbs.

- Jessica S, Magazine Editor, New York, NY

Just want to give a shout out to one of my favorite healers. I had my best breathwork session yesterday with Pepper. I'm still in awe of the way she is able to hold a completely safe space for people to release huge emotions, the presence she emanates, and the super efficient clearing skills she has. This is the first breathwork that I left feeling grounded and in myself which says so much about the way she guides people through difficult territory in an integrated and embodied way. If you've never tried breathwork, it's so so so worthwhile and more healing than many therapy sessions.

- Jazmine Nicole, NY

The Breathwork session helped me get unstuck where I was VERY stuck. I'm very grateful for the experience and for the healing work Pepper is bringing to the world. It was deep, deep work and exceeded all expectations.

- Dave F. International Travel Guide, NY

I've been thinking about our recent yoga retreat. I met some very fun-loving and interesting fellow yogis. We had many wonderful activities: massage, mud and sea, sweat lodge. The best sessions of all, though, were the ones you did with us. Each morning of card-reading, meditation, and journal-writing, each yoga practice, our final breathwork session, were all thoughtfully crafted by you, and provided me with rich experiences. Some were intense, and led to deep reflection. All of them helped me feel better both physically and emotionally. You have a gift, and I have been fortunate indeed to benefit from your abilities over the past several years.

- Lorraine S. Retired, NY

I connected with something so precious today. It was my breath... within a circle of women, in a safe supported space, this breathwork took me so deep, clearing out old pain, trauma and fear. The best description I can offer is that it was like dying and being birthed into being. All those gritty places where feelings were hiding beneath the daily grind, the undercurrent of worry... it just came through and went and what was left was love, this soft enveloping love that is there for me and for us all, just as we are. We are lovable and acceptable and worthy. I am enough, just as I am. You are too.

- Melissa Eppard, Woodstock NY

To me, Pepper is more than a teacher, she is a Mentor. Working with Pepper as a student has been a transformational journey, and I do not say that lightly; she has been my not-so-secret ingredient. She truly is, as she states, a cosmic connector. She is a empathetic healer, a nurturing believer, and a compassionate creator. I started attending Pepper's classes a few summers ago at Stanton Street Yoga during an extremely challenging point in my life. Both her restorative classes and her guided flows gave me a sacred space to 'come home' and heal wounds. The mat has since become my home-base, especially now that I am currently out wandering Mama Earth. Pepper, whether aware or not, helped guide me back to my passion for not only the physical aspect of yoga, but for living my yoga. She was the signature source of inspiration for me to attend my first yoga teacher training last February, which she co-lead so intelligently with three other illuminating teachers. While creating classes myself, I transport back to the classes I was lucky enough to attend and channel that energy, that awareness. I feel deeply honoured to cross paths with this light worker and HIGHLY recommend joining her on all that she creates, as they are sure to be a magic carpet ride. Deep appreciation. Deep bows. Aho.

- Michelle Baker, Life Coach, Currently Wandering Mama Earth

I walked into Pepper's class as a last resort. As a former boxer with manic energy, I had never done yoga before and I was admittedly pretty skeptical, but I was chasing a deadline on my first book, trying to drink less, and desperate to quiet my mind. Her earnestness instantly put me at ease, and her sincere dedication and skill as a teacher ultimately converted me. I now practice yoga several times a week, and I've found it has not only brought me mental calm but, to my true shock, has made me a lot stronger. "

- Tara C. Author, performer, ex-yoga cynic. NYC    

There is one word to describe Pepper.......magical.  I went from an occasional class here and there to meeting Pepper and knowing that my week isn't complete unless I see her at least once.  She has supported and grown my practice along side me, there for all parts of my journey. It's a truly beautiful dance between her unending knowledge and her sensitivity and intuition toward each individual person.  Pepper adds to yoga what some yogis can search their whole practice for......a dynamic yet powerful sequence that leaves the soul feeling restored and the body and mind feeling peaceful and strong.  Life with Pepper is just better.....be it her instinct, her touch, her guidance or her presence, know confidently that incorporating her and her classes into your week will leave you feeling like you can't understand how you ever didn't know her.  

- Maria L, VP, Astoria, NY

The individual class with Pepper is truly great yoga experience.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and intuitive nature to the session, and having that attention and care focused on one individual provides the opportunity for both growth and reflection that simply isn't available in a larger class. I've been practicing yoga for over 10 years, have gone to classes all around the US and beyond, and in my first session with Pepper I learned new interpretations of poses I had known for all of those years. If you enjoy yoga I would highly recommend Pepper's classes, she is a wonderful yogi.

- Chris, NYC